Remember when Crawlspace Comedy Theatre wanted to have a bar in an old church? Apparently, that’s more complicated than it sounds. 

While Crawlspace Comedy is still moving forward with our plans at the historic First Baptist Church building, we don’t want to hold up shows any longer, so we’re launching a winter tour in January.

Liquor License Update

Last season, we worked with local nonprofits to secure “special event liquor licenses”. While we were able to help raise funds for local non-profits, the event licenses take a lot of time and energy to manage. In the end, the practice was unsustainable and confirmed that working toward acquiring our own license was the best route.

Winter Tour

While we wait for our permanent liquor license, we’ve decided to do shows in some other cool venues around Kalamazoo to give our audience more of those sweet, sweet improv laughs. We couldn’t be more excited about the partnerships we’ve formed with the area’s most amazing establishments. Turns out, Kalamazoo likes to liquor people up in some pretty exceptional locales. 

Our primary alternate venue will be Green Door Distillery. If you haven’t wandered over to this watering hole, you are missing out on a true Kalamazoo gem. The spirits fly so fast, you’d swear the Ghostbusters’ containment grid was just breached. From award-winning vodka to their unique Backpack Java Coffee Liqueur, you’re sure to find something new and exciting to taste. Plus, their mixologists have developed some of the most delicious cocktails in Kalamazoo. If you don’t find something you like, you better wander back to Amish country.

Winter Schedule

Every Saturday in January, 8pm – 10pm, we’ll convert their world-class still room into a comedy theatre. You get to drink and laugh next to a 12-foot tall copper still. It makes alcohol from grains. We make comedy from your suggestions. There’s a connection. Shows at Green Door are only $5.

While Green Door is our home away from home, we’ll also be bringing the improv love to some other joints. You can see Crawlspace Eviction at The Dock At Bayview in Richland on January 10. LoDo’s in Portage will be featuring shows as well. Other venues will be announced soon.

January Tour Shows

  • January 4, 8pm – 10pm, Crawlspace Eviction at Green Door Distillery.
  • January 10, 8pm – 10pm, Crawlspace Eviction at the Dock at Bayview
  • January 11, 8pm – 10pm, Kalamazoo Debut of Joyce II Men + Superstar Super Show at Green Door Distillery.
  • January 18, 8pm – 10pm, Small Victories at Green Door Distillery.
  • January 25, 8pm – 10pm, Family Secret at Green Door Distillery.

We’ll be sending updates on how things at our venue are shaping up and will announce how to get tickets for the winter tour in just a few days.

Be sure to jump on the Crawlspace Theatre Productions email list to keep up to date on all the “Winter Tour” shows and news.