Perform at Cralwspace comedy theatre

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    What It’s Like To Perform Here!

    Ordinarily, performing in a crawlspace would be fraught with cobwebs, mouse droppings, and mild head injuries. In our case, performing in the Crawlspace means playing one of downtown Kalamazoo’s premiere venues for live entertainment. Housed in one of the city’s oldest buildings (built in 1853) with:

    • Brand New Cabaret Style Theatre
    • Dedicated Stage
    • Theatrical Lighting
    • 90 Seat Capacity
    • Large Warm-Up / Green Room

    While Crawlspace Comedy Theatre’s main focus is improv and sketch comedy, we’re also a prime spot for stand-up comedy and live music. Friday and Saturday nights are dedicated to featuring live comedy performance. If you have a troupe and want to perform, give us your deets in this handy online form to get the ball rolling. Stand-up comics, after we get your information, we’ll pass it along to our stand-up booking partners. Bands and musicians, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll work to make it happen.

    Crawlspace Eviction
    Crawlspace Eviction