Could the gift of improv classes taught by the Crawlspace Comedy Theatre give recipients joy enough to burn their cardigans and dance barefoot in moonlit snow? Read about the top three reasons to gift our improv classes below and decide for yourself.

1. “It Fits!”

Whether you’re looking for something in small, medium or large, our improv classes are sure to be a perfect fit. Above all else, these classes focus on being positive, so, even if the last time that you took to the stage was when you killed the role of Shrub 3 in that elementary school performance, there’s never a need to worry about a lack of experience. Improv is wintry cool that way.

2. Grow Your Holiday Card List

Science has yet to explain why, but nice people are attracted to improv. For whatever reason, mean people stay away from improv classes and spend that time posting on Twitter instead. That’s why our improv classes have a long history of doing what most think is impossible: making new friends for adults. Remember, friendship, not a jelly of the month club, is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

3. It’s an Experience

No offense to the motorized tie rack industry, but more and more people are valuing experiences over stuff. And not only is each level of our improv classes an experience, it’s six three-hour long experiences. You know exactly where an Olive Garden gift certificate will take you, but there’s no telling where the laughs from our improv classes will take you.

Don’t get stuck giving a boring gift card. Head over to our classes page now and give your BFF bestie the gift of comedy.