Small VIctories

Small Victories believes you gotta find wins wherever you can. So put on some sweat pants and come to their show. It will be worth it.

Small Victories performs short form and long form improv, create quirky characters, and interact with audiences.


Chicago Jammers

The Chicago Jammers are Elizabeth Hodos, Ann Marie Trepkowski and Kevin Reome.  Elizabeth and Ann Marie perform both at Westside Improv, and with the independent team Rudy Toot.  Kevin Reome was a founding member of the team Inside Vladimir at iO Chicago, and has been teaching at Second City Chicago for the past 15 years.  The three of them currently appear in Second City’s Jam Sandwich on Thursdays in the de Maat Theater.

Jaymes Gretchky

Does this duo look familiar? They aren’t strangers to Kalamazoo, both Gretchen and James have taught workshops as well as performed at Crawlspace Comedy Theatre.

Gretchen Eng is also a regular guest on the hit podcast Hello From the Magic Tavern, which recorded an episode LIVE at last year’s fest!


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