We’re pulling out all the stops this year with a tons of “firsts”. Yesterday, we announced for the first-time ever improvised action movies with Lethal Action Force.

Today we’re inviting you to belt at the top of your lungs with After Party!

Welcome to the After Party!
It’s hard enough trying to remember the lyrics to my favorite songs, these women say ‘To heck with that!’ and make them all up!

After Party is a musical improv group based in Chicago, Illinois, consisting of of kickass women who have been featured players with the Second City Training Center, iO Chicago, The Annoyance, ComedySportz, and LOL.

Where else have they performed?
After Party performs throughout Chicago and the US and has been featured in the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, the Chicago Musical Improv Fest, the Dallas Big Weekend of Comedy, the Denver Improv Festival, and the Reykjavik International Improv Festival to name a few.