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How Our Gift Certificates Work
Crawlspace Comedy Theatre offers gift certificate that can be used to purchase just about anything Crawlspace offers. It’s a great gift idea! So you should probably return that fine china you bought them and get a gift certificate instead. Gift certificate can be purchased online, right here.

Your gift certificate can be used to purchase event tickets, register for improv classes, or grab merch from our store. Gift certificate can only be used online, right now. Go through the normal ordering process and enter the gift certificate number at checkout.

How To Buy a Gift Certificate

  1. Choose the amount you would like to purchase.
  2. Let us know who to send it to.
    • Insert the email of the gift recipient, your name, and a message, and we’ll send an email delivering your gift.
    • If you would like to deliver it yourself you, can send the code to yourself by inserting your own email.
  3. Click add to cart and complete your purchase

How Much Should I Gift

  • $20 = 2 Shows* (A fun night out.)
  • $50 = 5 Shows*
  • $75 = Kids Improv Class or Half of an Adult Improv Class
  • $150 = Adult Improv Class or Kids Summer Camp

*Some shows can cost more than $10 depending on the performer.

Gift Certificate Disclosure

The Crawlspace Comedy Theatre Gift Certificate can be redeemed on the Crawlspace Comedy Theatre website only, https://crawlspacecomedy.com. Gift certificates can be used for live shows & improv classes (adult & kids), and merchandise. This gift certificate is not accepted by third-party merchants.