Listen, Stupid

Listen, Stupid hails from the mean streets of Detroit. Well, really the nicely paved streets of the suburbs, but they still bring the city’s hustle and honesty to every show they do. Nuverre Naami and Tom Novik have been performing together since 2013, playing various shows, events, and festivals, and at a variety of venues and theaters. This duo loves to play all kinds of characters, using a montage of scenes to patiently explore and connect everyday relationships and encounters.

Crawlspace Eviction

The OG!

Performing since 2003, Crawlspace Eviction is bringing their signature longform set to the Fest. Who knows what they’ll ask you for this time? Come prepared.


Spencer Henning & Trevor Knickerbocker rocked Kalamazoo already this year and are returning from Chicago for more action!

Psst…Spencer Henning is a Kalamazoo native and performed as a guest with Crawlspace Eviction multiple times!


Grab your ticket for Session 5, Saturday at 7:30pm, online and SAVE 10%.
Discount available ONLINE ONLY.