Hey it’s Dann and Tara!

We’re here with the first edition of Letters to the Crawlspace. Where we will answer letters that have been written to the Crawlspace.

We get tons of letters.

People asking for advice, with comments, questions, and all different sorts ofthings. We get like a ton domestic stuff.

Ton of letters. Thousands.

First letter is from Victoria Wimbledon, and she says, and this is really interesting.

I think I would have a hardtime being funny in front of a group.

My first thought is, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to be funny in front of a group.

Even though it’s an improv comedy class, we totally take the stress off of being funny.

That’s right. I’m not funny in front of groups all the time.

We get the same comment after the first class,

“You’re best friends with everybody in the room.”

I tell everybody in level 1, right when we get started,

“Don’t worry about being funny. It’s more about working together as a group, which is fun.”

Our second question, “

P.S. We hear your dog boomer is really good at improv as well, is that true?”

It is. We try and put him in a lot of improvised situations in our home. We found a really good “Yes, and…” breeder.

Well, that’s all for Letters from the Crawlspace. Wait for the next one, and hey, keep those letters coming.