Kalamazoo has been and is home to some pretty awesome inventors, actors, entrepreneurs, athletes, like:
  • Jordan Klepper (The Daily Show)
  • Greg Jennings (NFL wide receiver)
  • William Shakespeare Jr. (Inventor of the level-winding fishing rod.)
  • William E. Upjohn (Upjohn)
  • McG (Movie Director: Charlie’s Angels)
At this year’s fest we’re going to celebrate one of our current residents as the SUPERSTAR of the Superstar Super Show!!

Superstar Super Show? Yea!

On Friday, the first night of the fest, at 5:30pm, the Supertar Super Show will combine elements of an interview style talk-show with high energy improv comedy to create an always entertaining night of comedy and community.

The Superstar Super Show begins with an interview with someone in the community that is doing interesting things that we think folks would like to get to know better.

After that, a cast of Kalamazoo improv comedians hits the stage and performs a series of scenes to create a full, longform improv set based on the Superstar’s story.

The improv creates moments that are connected to reality while having that absurd, unpredictable quality that you love about improv.


Von Washington Jr.
Von Washington Jr. is the executive director of community relations for The Kalamazoo Promise. 

He’s served as principal of Kalamazoo Central High School from August 2007 to July 2012. While there, he enjoyed a visit from President Barack Obama.