We’re proud to announce that Kalamazoo Improv Fest will return to the Farmers Alley Theatre! This 110 seat theatre is no stranger to Kalamazoo Improv Fest and will host our line up of over 10 of the best improv teams from the Midwest!

For over 10years…
Farmers Alley Theatre is a thriving Small Professional year-round Equity Theatre, located in Downtown Kalamazoo. Its mission is to create a theatrical product that entertains while inspiring, educating, and communicating with audiences to reflect on the diverse human experience.

Farmers Alley Theatre History
Farmers Alley Theatre’s founders, brothers Adam and Robert Weiner and husband-and-wife team Jeremy Koch and Denene Mulay-Koch, all share a background in acting, singing, directing, education, and arts management. After finding individual success in the local theatre community, the artists realized a need for challenging and thought-provoking professional theater; one that would allow local talent and out of town guest artists to come together to produce optimal creative expression. The four founders began formal planning and construction of their new theatre in May 2008. The theatre’s premiere production, A Few Good Men, opened to wild acclaim in the fall of that year.