Crawlspace Theatre Productions will be cancelling or postponing programming until late-April in an effort to responsibly help mitigate any spread of that bastard Coronavirus. The scheduled March shows at Green Door Distilling Co. are cancelled. (If you’ve purchased a ticket for one of the remaining March shows, your order has been refunded.)

All Saturday jams are cancelled until late-April. We will let you know via email when the next student jam will be. The easiest way to keep in the know about when things will be happening again and to get some hilarity to escape the virus, is the newsletter. Get the Newsletter Here.

In an effort to keep some laughter going, we’re looking to produce some comedy videos to post online over the next few weeks. Last I checked, you can’t contract COVID-19 from social media. You can, however, contract dark, infectious negativity from it. Stay positive, Crawlspacers. Support those that need it during this weird, weird time. We’ll all get through this together… just not physically together.

I’m going to go outside and play now.

See you on the other side of all this.

– Dann

Crawlspace Theatre Productions